About Us

Illinois Valley Hemp, bringing Illinois top-quality low-cost CBD options, owned and operated by lifelong friends and residents of the Illinois valley. With farming in Princeton, IL and CBD products distributed out of Mendota, IL we are here to meet the communities growing need for quality CBD products. Grown with established and proven genetics, tested and verified quality by a 3rd party, state certified laboratory, our goal is to bring the Illinois valley and consumers everywhere high dosage CBD products for highly competitive affordable prices.


As lifelong friends, Kyle Rex and Eddie Diaz, explored their entrepreneurial spirit starting in 2019 by turning an overgrown empty rental property into a fully operational hemp farm. With nothing but each other and all the free help they could find in friends and family, they rode the wave of hemp farming, learning the processes from clone delivery and pre-planting care to transplanting techniques, plant care, and harvest season the pair learned something new around every turn during their first farming year. After all the blood, sweat, and tears from a farming season they were left with thousands of pounds of hemp biomass that was worth a fraction of the value from when they started. Without being deterred, overcome with perseverance and a drive to not fail each other, they continued to drive the business towards the goal of bringing affordable hemp and CBD products to the Illinois Valley. 

After a long winter and a crashing bulk market due to many similar first-time farmers, Illinois Valley Hemp was left with an option, sell the bulk product at a loss and close the doors or find a solution. With the pieces already in place to run a successful business, partnering with a top tier local extraction service, backed by Colorado experience, Illinois Valley Hemp was able persevere when many could not. We are now proud to offer the highest dosage CBD products for the lowest prices to the Illinois Valley and surrounding area.


With local owners and operators Illinois Valley Hemp’s CBD line Canna Health Rx aims to be the most trusted CBD brand in Illinois. Offering immediate customer service on all issues and top-quality products for affordable prices, Illinois Valley Hemp Canna Health Rx hopes to be on your shelf soon. 


Illinois Valley Hemp Canna Health Rx Co-Founders, Eddie Diaz(Left) and Kyle Rex (right) Illinois Valley Hemp