Using CBD

There are many ways to use CBD, which is the most preferred? The four main methods are sublingual tinctures/sprays, topical lotions/balms, oral edibles/capsules, and inhalation by vaporization or smoking. We enjoy using sublingual tinctures and sprays to enjoy high-quality CBD products. Effects are reasonably fast to onset, dosing can be precise, and product quality can always be checked by requesting lab reports from the manufacturer. Some of our favorites can be found here

In the cannabis industry, the word "tincture" and "oil" are interchangeable. A CBD tincture or CBD oil is a liquid concentrate containing CBD. Tincture/Oil users place a dose under their tongue where it can be absorbed sublingually – through the mucous membrane in the mouth. Keep the tincture/oil under your tongue for 30 - 60 seconds to aid absorption. Easy, effective and it doesn’t taste bad either! Always keep in mind you can choose our THC free line for zero THC consumption for those of you worried about it.

Remember to always protect yourself by checking on the Certificate of Analysis to ensure the products you're buying are legitimate and have the ingredients and ratios you’re looking for. To learn more visit our Certificate of Analysis page. 

Here at Illinois valley Hemp, our Canna Health Rx line offers options for tinctures, topicals, and edibles, with plans to expand our line up in the near future, so follow along for the latest news and updates.



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Using CBD